fossils as told by books

fossils are made from preseved body parts or boned of dinosaurs from millions of years ago. when the dinosaurs or other prehistoric life forms dies, their bodys get buried under sediment and rock. this is only the first part of the fossilization process. in order for fossils to be formed, they must have certain requirements. first, they must possess hard parts. possessing hard parts is what every living being does. possessing hard parts is when you have bones. the second requirement is that you must escape from immediate destruction. this is when you escape from destroying your bones. this would be when you get buried, or go into a coffiin. if you are in immideate destruction, you are about to destroy your bones, which would occour if you jump under a steam roller. the next requirement is you have to have a rapid burial. you want this so your bones have no chance to be destroyed. when you are buried, your soft parts, (such as hair, skin, and nails), decompose leaving behind just your bones. this is the case with most fossils found today. but, if you fall in something that preserves your soft parts, (such as cold water that turns into ice, or tar that frezes), you will have a preserved fossil. like the picture shown below.